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Graveyard Management

A web-based portal for professionals working in the bereavement care sector. Contains details of 900 cemetery and crematoria operators and over 3000 cemeteries and burial grounds.


The Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management website has a large number of downloads providing advice to cemetery professionals on a range of subjects including memorial safety.


The Proceedings and Report of the House of Commons Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Select Committee 2001 review on cemetery provision in England can be consulted online at the United Kingdom Parliament website.


Gravestone and Graveyard Electronic leaflets from Historic Scotland include advice on:


Sources of Financial Assistance the Conservation of Scotlands Historic Graveyards (get download) published by Historic Scotland in conjunction with the CSAs Carved Stones Adviser Project.


Guidance for Cemetery Preservation from the Chicora Foundation (USA) includes information on following topics:


Guidance for graveyard maintenance from has advice for the following topics


Several reports and plans are available online including

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