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Conservation: Built Heritage

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Graveyard Conservation

Sources of Financial Assistance the Conservation of Scotland's Historic Graveyards (get download) by Dr Susan Buckham published by Historic Scotland in conjunction with the CSA's Carved Stones Adviser Project. This publication provides information about sources of funding for projects which seek to conserve the fabric or the natural environment of Scotland's historic graveyards; or to enhance the enjoyment of these graveyards through research, interpretation and education. Potential funding sources for these types of project are identified within the report; with individual entries for each providing contact details and an indication of the type of project work which may be eligible.


Abstracts 2001 Conference on Historic Graveyards, Edinburgh published by Historic Scotland (get download). This publication provides information about the main agencies and organisations involved with the conservation of historic graveyards in Scotland. The Proceedings of this conference have been published by Historic Scotland and are available to purchase.


Gravestone and Graveyard Electronic leaflets from Historic Scotland include advice on:


Aberdeenshire Historic Kirkyards Project was developed by Aberdeenshire Council to record the physical and historical importance of individual historic kirkyards in Aberdeenshire. The report incorporates a structural survey to determine the extent to which each kirkyard will need a programme of conservation repairs and an analysis of their contents for future interpretative potential.


Between November 1998 and April 1999, a Conservation Plan was developed for Calton Hill, including its buildings, monuments, burial grounds and landscape, by LDN Architects on behalf of the City of Edinburgh Council. A Graveyard Gazetteer for Calton Old and New Burial Grounds is contained in Appendix 7: Architectural Gazetteer.


The Guidelines for Cemetery Conservation prepared by the National Trust of Australia (NSW) provide key background reading for anyone undertaking a graveyard project. Note that different legal and cultural considerations can apply to graveyard conservation in Scotland.


The Corporation of London commissioned a Conservation Management Plan in September 2003 to act as a tool to help give an understanding of both the fabric of the City of London Cemetery and the issues surrounding its use, and to inform the production of a ten-year service management plan. It is intended that this plan will be adopted by the Corporation, the Cemetery management, the London Borough of Newham, English Heritage, and other interested parties.


South Carolina's Historic Cemeteries: A Preservation Handbook provides key background reading for anyone undertaking a graveyard project. Note that different legal and cultural considerations can apply to graveyard conservation in Scotland.


Preserving Cemeteries, Heritage, Ministry of Culture, Ontario has sections providing guidance on cemeteries as a cultural resource, cemetery designation, cemetery improvement and restoring Ontario's cemeteries. Information relates to Canadian rather that Scottish context but is of interest as examples of wider practices within graveyard conservation at an international level.


Cemetery Preservation, Chicora Foundation (USA-based) Information on cemetery preservation covers cemetery publications, setting up a projects, conservation or restoration and recording graveyards and gravestones.

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