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Other Research Resources

Researching Your Graveyard (get download) by Gareth Wells and Bruce Bishop published by Historic Scotland in conjunction with the CSA's Carved Stones Adviser Project. This guide signposts some of the main sources of information that may prove useful to anyone researching the history of an individual burial ground and includes a comprehensive bibliography of Scottish graveyard and gravestone studies.


Statistical Accounts of Scotland provide easy access to snapshots in time for every Scottish parish in the late 18th century and again in the mid 19th century. The descriptions provide general background information on a wide variety of topics from the economic and moral wellbeing of the population to local climate, agriculture and wildlife. Accounts often include details about the church and its graveyard and the general index allows entries to be located thematically. A digitised version of the Statistical Accounts of Scotland is available online and most local libraries should hold published copies.


Discovery and Excavation in Scotland provides a rapid, comprehensive summary of all archaeological fieldwork, including graveyard surveys and excavations, undertaken in Scotland each year. An index provides a quick and easy way to locate work relating to gravestones and graveyards. The journal is available to Council for Scottish Archaeology members and most libraries in Scotland also hold copies. Everyone undertaking graveyard recording and research work is encouraged to submit an entry to Discovery and Excavation in Scotland (get download).

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