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Below are sources of information that useful may be useful for undertaking graveyard research, conservation or recording. This page also sets out links to genealogical information.


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Gravestone and Graveyard Studies

A comprehensive bibliography of gravestone and graveyard studies can be found in the CSA's Researching Your Graveyard (get download), a free booklet published by Historic Scotland.


In October 2003 the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and the Archaeology Data Service launched the digital publication of the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland (volumes 1-128). The Proceedings contain several articles on graveyards and their monuments and a CSA bibliography listing key papers is available (get download). There are many more articles, particularly in the earlier volumes, not included in the bibliography, which discuss single memorials or fragments of stones and some of these studies include sites that may be the remains of early Christian churches. Online access to the Proceedings is free of charge, offered as a service to scholars and other interested readers worldwide.


What makes a cemetery a cemetery? by Dr Julie Rugg, Cemetery Research Group, University of York

'Without a Cemetery, There is No City' The Landscape Design of the Cemeteries in Newcastle upon Tyne by Suzielda

A typical English churchyard? by Iain Soden, Historic Churches 2000.


Govan Old Parish Church Graveyard by Betty Willshire (follow link to Friends of Govan Old and click on articles)

An Archaeological Study of the Memorial Stones in the Kirkyard of Govan Old Parish Church by Catherine Cutmore (follow link to Friends of Govan Old and click on articles)

Conservation of the Govan Sarcophagus by Historic Scotland (follow link to Friends of Govan Old and click on articles)

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