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Please us to let us know of any work you are doing in relation to graveyards, any links you would like us to add, graveyard news events or publications and of course your views on this website. We are also keen to hear if you have any suggestions for how the site can be improved and developed.


Carved Stones Adviser Project

Graveyards represent one of the nation's most tangible links to its past. Although burial grounds are a familiar part of our historic landscape, surprisingly little is known about the range of burial sites which survive, the sorts of gravestones and features they contain, and how well this important resource is faring against the effects of time and the elements. The Carved Stones Adviser project (2001-2006)was managed by the Council for Scottish Archaeology and funded by Historic Scotland.The CSA Carved Stones Adviser pilot project was successful in bringing together groups and organisations with an interest in protecting the nation's graveyards and developing best practice in recording graveyards. Although the Carved Stones Adviser pilot project has now drawn to a close, CSA are delighted to have received a Project Planning Grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to support the completion of an HLF Heritage Grant to take this work forward on a larger scale. The new project will be known as Scotland's Historic Graveyards Project and further details on the progress of the HLF application will be available later in the year.

Page last updated August 2006